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My mom gave me permission to have a boob job.


I'm amazed.

My sister all but said she'd kill me if I didn't at least consider it.
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Dear whoever stole my cheerios on thursday:

What the fuck? My iPod was RIGHT THERE. Why the Cheerios?


Aug. 27th, 2006 05:45 pm
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Because obviously, fangirling over NGE wasn't enough.

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It occured to me today as I was talking to my friend on the phone:

Enlightenment is as simple as a cup of tea.
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Every moring. He never says a word to me on the bus.

Just meets my eyes and raises an eyebrow.

And that's a longer conversation than anyone else has. Ever.

So I'm happy he only ever raises his eyebrow at me.
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Next person to mention "Conga Line" in my presence is gonna get knocked in the teeth.

My teachers are retarded, and they're dragging us down with them.
Frig. Fine. I admit defeat. Ryan really IS that tall.


Mar. 18th, 2006 10:55 am
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Ender is very VERY scary when he's drunk.
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I've been feeling really out of sorts lately.

Like....I'm not thinking the same, not sleeping well/enough even though i've been sleeping MORE than usual, I can't stomach some things I used to have no problem with (pizza comes to mind...)...

It's really making me uncomfortable. I just feel so...wrong...

and DAMNIT, easter bunny, I still want a motherfucking dress!
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Why do I always get the stupid people to work with? Why? WHAT DID I DO?!
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Because according to my guidance councellor, the BITCH!!!I hide my true feelings about all of you and this lets me spooge and reveal myself, and hopefully become a better person. )
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RRgh. I think my guidance counceller is making me TIHNK I have a problem whereas, in reality, I'm perfectly fine. And if she saw this, she'd say I was in denial.

MMPh. Had a not-so great day. Science was blah, Art was spent mostly in Guidance getting my self esteem destroyed, so I spent the rest of the period in a shitty mood; which generally isn't good because I tend to blow up at people and I don't like that. It's nice that Colin comes alot now, he has a calming effect most of the time.

I forgot my gym clothes, and we had to go outside. It rained. Alot. Math sucked as per usual, but at least it's in the neighbourhood of easy. The ride home was boring and quiet. I like quiet. We went out for groceries and my mum said I could pick anything I wanted (I'll explain why later), so I abused that freedom....except I didn't buy the fruitopia, but w/e. Then I came home and worked my ass off.

I had a nice, long Chat with Shun and Fi. That maked me happy. I love them both dearly.

ANYWAYS: Mrs. Know-it-all Guidance councellor wrecked my day. Wonderful.

And Fi was wearing a cowboy hat and that was insanely cute on her. I need take a picture of her like that. Really.

ANyways, my mum let me go crazy at the grocery store because when tomorrow comes around....

Well.....legally anyways...
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Man I could loop this song forever.

I finished "Magic's Pawn" this morning. EVERYBODY IN THAT BOOK (save for Savil and her posse) IS GAY! I'm not freaking kidding! Even the VILLIAN tries to get Vanyel in bed!

Anyways, I have to do almost ALL of my work today because tomorrow I'm going with my dad to his Family because my Aunt and Uncle from Australia are here and I wanna see them again. I saw them in November and they were really nice and I think Judy wanted to take me home. Kinda crepy conosidering that she's 60, but whatever.

But That means that I have to finish my science lab today.... I really don't want to though...

I wonder what's for dinner....eithe Potato Leek soup or Guinnes stew, both of which I love, but if it's the soup then I have to cook it. XP

Oh. I started Lost Kingdoms yesterday: It's so...damn...ANNOYING!!!

Oh yeah, and I lent my copy of Castlevania:Lament of Innocence to my friends brother.
Let me say that I have not beaten it yet: He's been through it 3 fucking times...Mabye Cynth was right about me being really good at certain games, but sucking royally at others...Meh.

heh. Lets see him get through Aira of Sorrow with 100% map completion and no walkthrough... *smiles evily*

I also realized in Math Class yesterday that the Transformers are Robots in Really Shitty disguises: Because when a fucking huge, TALKING firetruck come barreling down the road at 200 K/h in the WRONG LANE with NOBODY driving it...

you fucking notice.

So yeah. The End.

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