Oct. 31st, 2006 11:44 pm
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There's nothing quite like sitting down and playing FF12 for the first time with two good friends. Honestly, I think playing games with other people is a million times more fun than playing alone.

Also I get a sense of pride when I can scare off a gaggle of teenage boys, but have a munch of five year old girls run up less than five minutes later with no fear at all. It's also a hoot when Parents play along with you.

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Why do I play games at midnight? Especially ones that I know aren't going to end happily?

I just want to cry very loudly right now. But I can't, cause I'll wake the whole fucking house up.

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As if Xenosaga couldn't get any MORE pretentious...


On the upside, chaos [[ISN'T Jesus.]]


Soundtrack is nice, too.
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I restarted FF9 and I blame cynthia entirely.
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I think I might start my own Fantasy RPG. Am I psychotic?
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Alright...so Yzak and Dearkka are owning my soul at the moment, but before I fall into eternal geekhood...

CastleVania roxors my soxors. HArdcore. CVfanwanking )

And while I'm on the topic of very sexy Damphirs, I watched vamp. HUnter D on friday. T'was good but for the fact that D never settled on a fucking HAIR COLOUR! AHH!

Meh. Damphirs are Sexy.....so are Vampires...


*shakes head* BAd train of thought! BAD!

Yeah, Ok, SO I gotta update more...



Yaoi! )
Yummy! ph33r t3h clubbers!

Yeah so....


Jun. 12th, 2005 11:39 pm
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ERm....Long time in updating no?

Well, Nothing of great interest has been happening to either me or any one of my RP characters.

MY Birthday was 2 weeks ago; Cynth gave me a lovely piano book and I love it to death. I plan on teaching myself the songs as soon as exams are over.

I got a new CV game, and that's occupying most of my time mostly because Alucard is immensly hot and he's really sexy....Just like almost alla the CV boys...

Which (sorta)brings me to my next point:

OH MY FUCKING GOD SOMA WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU?!?!?!?!?!*Looks at teh DoS art and begins crying*

Ok, now I"m better.


Entering the last week of school now. I have 3 summatives this week. Highly not cool, but I'll get through them! *Determined* Besides, I have all the support I need from my lovely chibis!!!


Exams are gonna suck.

ON top of that, most of my summer is fucked because my Mum needs a sugery and it'll take her somewhere near 6 weeks to recover. There goes most of my time to see the gang *sigh* on top of that, I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled, and I MIGHT peirce my ears, so there's a high point.

ANYWAYS on to more pressing matters:


Yeah. Bed. Need. Badly.
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Alot of 'Finish' things happened today.

first, I finished my mask in Art. All it needs is a trim and it's set. Then I can begin my wire sculpture (Joy [/sarcasm]). Then I pretty much finished off all the youghurt in the house. I went on a youghurt kick and...yeah I paid for it. I also finished 'Magic's Promise.' Part of me dosn't want to read teh last book... Savil dies and that makes me sad because Savil kicks more ass than she should...so does Yfandes, but that's another story.

Lunch was filled with Dance music and images of a drunk Rubedo....fun-ness. The highlight of lunch was that one of the songs was 'Sweet Dreams" by the Eurithmics and that is such a freaking awesome song....oh, and I bought Cynth and myself some fries.

I had a spare last period. Yippie Skippy. I finished The Wind Waker after school. HUZZAH!!!!...but now I have to start LK and DC2....

But james DID lend me ALTTP for my GBA so w00t.

Oh and I'm down to using the recargeable batteries for my MP3 player now....*grumble*

AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd: I wrote my first ever battle for msgwars...

AND NOW!!!! to procrastinate.


Apr. 20th, 2005 11:59 pm
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Um yeah. Boring few days. Been sick as hell over weekend. Almost beat TWW. I kinda don't wanna beat it. Then I have to play DC 2 and LK, both of which annoy me to no end.

Watched Eps 47 and 48 of Saint Seiya, bringing the Hyoga/Shun Love counter up past 40. Time to tell Nii-san!

In case you're wondering, I'm positive that Shun and Hyoga, both main characters in Saint Seyia, are screwing behind the scenes, so I began to count evidence that betrayed their otherwise not-obvious relationship. Fi and I made a joke that if it got past 10, they were cuddling in public, after 20, kissing and they tld Seyia, Shiryu and other non-important character, after 30, all but dry humping in public, tell teh Gold saints and 'Breaking in' the new matresses, after 40, they have to tell Ikki...who does NOT - in any way, shape or form - get along with Hyoga....and he's Shun's brother.

See that crater over there? *Point* Yeah. That used to be Hyoga.

IN other news, I wondered what happened if Sora, star of Kingdom Hearts, equipped two keychains at the same time....

*Points to another crater* yeah....



Kazée had her first kiss. Now she's stuck trying to rescuse her CO's Mobile Suit. Needless to say, she'd rather be WITH Shinn, but hey, an order is an order.

Her RO alter-ego racked up one huge ass list of things to get. Alot of it is freakign HARD too! Xinnji has hit ANOTHER exp wall. I'm less than 7 levels away from Preisthood! IT'S TOO HARD TO SOLO ANYMORE!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And Jyurilla made almost 10 000 Zeny in half an hour. All is right in Rune Midgard.

Vanyel had to spend the day in my purse. It was raining and I didn't want to take him out lest the book get ruined. I wanna hurry up and finish it so I can go read "Magic's Price".

MY mask in Art class is looking REALLY good now, I need several more layers, but all seemes set for it.


I'm getting really tired, really easially, so I'm gonna got to bed now...
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Man I could loop this song forever.

I finished "Magic's Pawn" this morning. EVERYBODY IN THAT BOOK (save for Savil and her posse) IS GAY! I'm not freaking kidding! Even the VILLIAN tries to get Vanyel in bed!

Anyways, I have to do almost ALL of my work today because tomorrow I'm going with my dad to his Family because my Aunt and Uncle from Australia are here and I wanna see them again. I saw them in November and they were really nice and I think Judy wanted to take me home. Kinda crepy conosidering that she's 60, but whatever.

But That means that I have to finish my science lab today.... I really don't want to though...

I wonder what's for dinner....eithe Potato Leek soup or Guinnes stew, both of which I love, but if it's the soup then I have to cook it. XP

Oh. I started Lost Kingdoms yesterday: It's so...damn...ANNOYING!!!

Oh yeah, and I lent my copy of Castlevania:Lament of Innocence to my friends brother.
Let me say that I have not beaten it yet: He's been through it 3 fucking times...Mabye Cynth was right about me being really good at certain games, but sucking royally at others...Meh.

heh. Lets see him get through Aira of Sorrow with 100% map completion and no walkthrough... *smiles evily*

I also realized in Math Class yesterday that the Transformers are Robots in Really Shitty disguises: Because when a fucking huge, TALKING firetruck come barreling down the road at 200 K/h in the WRONG LANE with NOBODY driving it...

you fucking notice.

So yeah. The End.
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Uhhhh yeah....Spent today eating, sleeping, looking for my planner and working.

I REALLY need to find my planner. My guidance councellor wants it and I have NO clue where it is....>,<

I played RO a bit with Cynth today. Stupid WoE made the server REALLY unstable though.crashed alot. In good news however, my accy can now Solo in Payon lvl 2! HUZZAH!

I worked a bit on a project I had for health. I gotta get that done. Played DDR a bit. Damn I suck at that. I talked to cynth almost all damn day today and that makes me happy.

Uh....I ranted a bit on Gaia Online. I remember why I hate that place.

MSGwar was realyl quiet today and VGR was DOWN ALL DAY!!! WAHHHH!!!

Ish bored and Ish tired. Goodnights.


Mar. 29th, 2005 03:14 pm
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Yeah so today sucked.

Science wasn't too horrible, but I have to do my summative and that just blows on more than 1 level.

Art sucked becaus ethere was a visiting artist and I hate those for the most part. On top of that, we did still life and I REALLY REALLY suck at that. *Sigh* I just wanna work on my luverly project because I only have to re-do the ink in a few places and I'm PEACHY!!!!

There was a Quiz in math today, although it was Polynomials and they're relatively easy. Now We're doing factoring and Factoring sucks, and we have several tonnes of HW and BLAH!!!!

And in Gym/Health I have this huge-ass project to do about the benefits and downsides of Vitamins. F-ing wonderful.

In Other News:

My wisdom Tooth is growing in and as such, my whole face hurts. ;_;.

My MSGwar Character is finally falling in love. I'm so proud of her.

Ragnarok is starting to drag. It's really hard to level Xinnji up anymore without a party. Also, I'm worried that she won't be able to master that which needs mastering soon enough, and she'll suck as a preist. I'm pouring all my skill pts into her Int stat because I need her MATK up really really fast and....this is probably going over everybodies head isn't it?

Well, I'll let you go for now.

Later days peeps. chaos is STILL pwning my soul!


Mar. 28th, 2005 08:35 pm
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Ummm....I hav't been lazy....Nope, Not at all...

okok, Ragnarok Online pwns my soul. WHAT ELSE IS NEW???

Recent games:

Xenosaga 2-Complete, Vely vely sad. I cried.
Tales of Symphonia-Complete. Thank god.
Dark Cloud 2-IN progress. Looks good so far.

REcent Anime:

Gundam Seed Destiny-Current EP: 23. O GOD WHY!!!!
Saiyuki Reload-Current EP:21. OMFG it's good! WE WANTS KOU!!!
Saiyuki Gunlock-Curretn Ep: 1. Not too hot. Graphical Quality slipped again ;_;

yeah..so thats all for me...

choas will Pwn your soul if you let him.
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Rargh. Xenosaga 2 is frustrating me to no end. Stupid bosses.

Really really want something interesting to happen. I've been bored latley. NOthing new on MSGwars and VGR is quiet. Been uninspired so no work on PI done. Damnit...

Heh. Wow I'm bored and lazy and tired... not a good combo for a Gemini...

anyone want a Horoscope done?

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