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I maintain that this is the best Christmas song ever.
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my thread

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"Get Busy Living" by Goldfish
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Oh god my group is behind oh god oh god oh god oh god.
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Dinner tonight: Falafel balls and a handful of smarties. FUCK YEAH.
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Bright spots of today: AJ took music requests and made us a playlist for life drawing. That was pretty ballin, since it gave me a chance to hear some new music, and we all kinda jammed together and it was awesome. Also the room wasn't dangerously hot today! IMPROVEMENTS!!!

Speaking of jamming OMG yesterday. SO we were bumming in our usual computer lab, and in walks one of the professors, we call him Pops, and one of the third year students. Pops has a Ukulele. 3rd year has a bongo. They proceed to park and spend the next hour and a half or so jamming out together. It was A. MA. ZING. I wish stupid little things like that happened more often. It really made my day.

Apparently, I'm taking a -5000000 to my DEX rolls today. I've been tripping and dropping shit all over the place, but that's very often par for the course for me. Still, even I was noticing it. Got some pretty ballin stuff in at work, although Head Office screwed up YET AGAIN by sending us pants WITHOUT TAGS on them. And then we find a billion tags with all different skus and nothing at all descriptive on them so fuck if we know what goes with what. OH WELL.

Anyways, facebook forever amuses me, especially in the doings of group work. One post, 10 minutes ago has 20 replies as we bugger out a few problems together. YAY BRAINSTORMING!!!!!

Now, lets hope I remember how not to fail at life tomorrow! I've gotta finish the texturing on the object i'm working on, and then maybe help with the fucking UV mapping of someone elses. (The problem with UV mapping is that it's frustrating and tedious. However, I've gotten VERY GOOD AT IT. It is not a skill that alleviates any of that boredom or tedium. Thus, class often turns into "OMG BECCA CAN YOU HELP ME WITH THIS MAP SO I CAN TEXTURE AND NOT HAVE IT LOOK LIKE A 6 YEAR OLD DID IT??"

The OTHER problem is that by mapping, you kind of 'learn' the object and where everything fits together etc etc. Which means when you give it back to the person who wants to texture it, THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHERE ANYTHING IS. Y SO FUCKED UP, MAYA?)
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So, on top of having children, somwhere in the thirty years of time that's passed, Isaac and Garet got MARRIED.

I am okay with this.
I very do not want to go to school today. Sigh and alas.
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So last night was a monumental waste of time. I only got the bone study done, after four hours and three tries. At some point this weekend, probably sunday night, I'll have to get done the MUSCLE studies. UUUUUGH. And here was silly old me thinking the leg studies would be easier than the back and shoulders. HA HA!
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Upon watching a recent LP of Final Fantasy Nine, I've begun to find myself rather disappointed - There are only a handful of villains I've ever liked quite as much as Kuja, and certainly none have been recent.

I've always found something very appealing about him as a character. He's educated, sophisticated, well spoken, charming, cunning, ~fabulous~, and well-motivated. He's not so over the top as, say, Kefka, nor is he as understated as the Entire Villainous Cast of Xenogears. He manipulates people as a means to his end and he enjoys it.

I suppose the realization came when I re watched the end of Disk 3, namely Kuja's reaction to the truth about his own mortality. Graphical quality notwithstanding, there was something about watching Kuja, the poster child of a Dignified and Classy FF Villain, react first with dismissal, then denial, and then the breakdown. Kicking Garland off the balcony was a nice touch.

He's by no means my FAVOURITE Video Game Villain, but he certainly stands out the most in my brain when I think of examples. Too bad he was such a butt-monkey in Dissidia.


Nov. 22nd, 2010 10:35 pm
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Today was one of those days when I had to wonder if I'm just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off and ragequit on everything. Kind of a prelude to a week where every little thing is going to add up on me, I can tell.

Today was largely unproductive, however I was stuck for half an hour on the bus with an opinionated little brat of a classmate of mine who spent the ENTIRE TIME bitching about one of the profs. And by 'One of' I mean four.

Tomorrow is 4 hours of work then 3 hours of class. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but the work hours are cutting into the time I need to do animation (this is the first time in this semester that one has so directly affected the other). There's a mini-milestone I Have to meet on wedensday which is why this is a problem.

In addition to 5 hours of class on wednesday, I'm on call for another seven hours of work. If I'm not needed, then I have to go to the program council meeting which will be a waste of my hour, but then I can go do schoolwork and make up for tuesday. yaaaay! If I DO have to go to work, then I'll have to brief a classmate on the Council meeting and send her instead of me. UNfortunatly, my designated alternate is kind of....vapid.

Thursday is life drawing. Full stop.

Friday is a test that I'm halfway prepared for at the most. Here's to hoping.

Guh. Someone wake me up when finals are over, kay?
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I hate wasting days like this. Unfortunately, every part of me except my brain pretty much said 'fuck off, i'm not working,' so I pretty well slept half the day, and spent the rest of it being sick.

Speaking of, I've come to the realization that I'm not allowed to be sick until april. Christmas time in retail followed by another 4 months at school, during which I'll have to up my hours spent there by a healthy chunk (I already spend around 50-60 hours a week on campus). Uuuuuuuugh.

Been putting off playing Xenogears again. I'm up to D-block, and that right there kills any motivation I may have had. I actually tried to turn it on today to start getting it over with, AND THE ROM WOULDN'T LOAD. I guess my computer was trying to prevent me from killing myself. PW has me burnt out anyways. @_@.

Anyone on my flist familiar with action replays? The one for my DS has decided to not work anymore (Or maybe it's the game). Whenever I load the game with the codes, it restarts, loads WITHOUT them, and runs fine. Halp?
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I almost forgot how good it felt to be able to devote an entire day to just /drawing/. A few hours on personal stuff (with TNG on as background noise), which was more an exercise in FFFF colouring, and then a million hours of homework.

but it's okay! The major assignment right now is a muscle and bone study of the back. Tedious as fuck, but also very interesting. Gives me an excuse to crack out all the fugging awesome anatomy textbooks that I love and love and love. I finished the muscle study and I'm about halfway through the bones. Dem vertebrae, man.

Not looking forward to animation class tomorrow. I'm all done the work, but still. I don't even know why, but I don't want to be there. ALAS.

Hopefully, things calm down a bit next week - I want to take a day and see if I can plow through D-block in one go. God willing, I'll manage it. If not, it'll take me years to dredge up the motivation to finish it.
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Spent the last hour of class getting the wrath of god speech from the prof :< go home tiem plz?
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I am on a Legendary-catching SPREEEEEE

Also ffff got a mew so so sos so sos soooo cute
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What the fuck why it are snow :
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Fuck the bus.
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I don't know why I've been sleeping so much lately. The last two days I've slept 10 hours easy. The three days before that was six hours at night, then a four-ish hour nap in the afternoon.

Honestly, if I went back to bed right now, I'd probably fall asleep again.

I don't get it, mang.
Class was a giant pile of Ugh. Harmony was an uncooperative piece of shit for me, and right now, textureing in Maya is killing all of us. Confusing stuff is confusing. I just can't wait until I have to texture up my still life assignment. B|.

OKay it's not that bad for me; I know Photoshop, which helps things along IMMENSELY. I'm going to have to spend the weekend building textures to use. Or Finding. Depends, I guess. Solid afternoon with a tablet should get 'er done.

Hnnng, I hope I can get out of here by 4 to make one last raid on the Cady Fair downstairs. Yeah. Candy fair. CANDY.


TO my RP friends, I present a conundrum: There are two gentlemen I wish to app at RS. I'm simply torn on which one. I don't want to app BOTH right away - I've been playing two and want to make sure I can handle 3 before I look at a fourth before I take that leap. So I get to choose between Cecil (brokenredwings) from FF4, or Bart* (Still journaless) from Xenogears? IDK. Which one do you guys wanna see?

* I'm debating either princepewpew, gimmethehelm, or bart_missiles. opinions?

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